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Swayne OG is a solo artist from Bloemfontein, South Africa .Rockstar nevertheless he is, inspired by the well known group "The Wrecking Crew". The young music artist known as "Swayne Og" but legally named Bongani Maphumla was born and bred in South Africa. He was raised by both his parents along with his two brothers in which they all had a rough upbringing but later on as he was growing up he started realising that music is his passion with no doubt in his young teenage years. He began posting videos on instagram trying to showcase his talent and determination in 2018, that is when his career actually started taking off by time. His brand named "Original Currency Tripstar" is all about people who value themselves to a point where they don't settle for less and they push themselves to create a better future for themselves in the long run. In terms of music one of his favourite artist is "Travis Scott" and favourite band is the famous well known group "Migos". If you one to turn up then you should probably listen to this dude right here as his energy is powerful "Swayne Og''.

ZABloemfontein, South Africa
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Bongani Maphumla

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