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SACh comprise of musicians, artists, sound producers, videographers and actors mainly from Sierra Leone who have the conviction that music and arts can be used as a significant tool for effecting social change and promoting accountability. We use music, acting, dance, drama and visual arts to promote civic education, social change, environmental awareness, Peacebuilding and accountability. Through collective team work, SACh is transforming the lives of less privileged children and youths by making them into responsible agents of change through the use of music and performing arts. SACh is also involved in videography and production of short videos to promote social change and accountability.


Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars have songs based on the genre. Photo: Huck Magazine
One of the most influential and important music genres in Sierra Leone is gumbe. This genre, closely associated with the Krio, is also found in other West-African countries (especially Guinea- Bissau...


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Sound and Art for Change


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