Soul Candi Institute of Music (SCIM)


The Soul Candi Institute of Music (SCIM) constitutes the Educational and Development division of the Soul Candi Music Group. Started in 2004 and situated at Boston City Campus, the SCIM has gone from strength to strength over the last four years enrolling no less than 144 producers and 201 DJs in 2008 alone. Through courses of academic and practical learning experiences, integrating production and music theory, the curriculum covers the variety of influential styles, relevant technologies and career opportunities open to today's music professional.

The mission of the institute is to educate, train and shape students to excel in music as a career, whilst optimizing the opportunities, for the students and the industry alike, by integrating the platforms of the SCIM with those of Soul Candi the record label, one of Africa's biggest independent record labels - thereby nurturing and developing talent to create long-term sustainability within the Southern African music and entertainment industries.

SCIM represents a growing network of industry professionals who use their openness, skill and versatility to take music in new directions. SCIM was founded on two ground-breaking ideas: that musicianship could be taught through the music of the time, and that students need both practical and professional skills for successful, sustainable music careers. Founded on popular music, the comprehensive curriculum is distinctly contemporary in its content and approach - dance music in all its forms is the focus. SCIM is an environment where aspiring music professionals learn how to integrate new ideas, adapt to changing musical genres, and showcase their skills in an evolving community.

ZACape Town, South Africa
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