Shatel is an all-female group from Lusaka, Zambia made up of Saboi and Barbra. They began singing in 1996. The group was later left for Saboi and Barbra to continue as a duet. They performed at many shows and won many competitions such as the then Annual Women in Music where they were spotted by many would-be promoters. Her debut single ‘Niswalele’ appeared on the Rhythm Nation Project and went on to secure them their first record label with Mondo Music.

The group later released their debut album titled ‘Chikondi’. It was recorded in 2001 under Mondo Music label. The album got the group the first Kora nomination in South Africa. This saw them holding shows in Japan and made them to travel a lot. The album features songs like 'Gentelemani’, ‘Chilumendo’ and ‘Naitopela’. Their second album is called ‘Unbreakable’ and was released in 2002 with songs like ‘Chikondi Chamumudima’, ‘Wainona’ and ‘Sichaba Sahesu’.

When Barbra moved to a different town, it became difficult for the group to work together in two different towns and went different ways. Saboi released her first solo project in 2006 entitled ‘Nalila’ which had songs like ‘Mema Awo’, ‘Akiyayi’ and ‘Aneninyanda’. Her album ‘Shine a Light’ is the second solo project and a fourth to Saboi’s name. It also features Barbra on three songs. Other artists who featured are Bob Muli, Milz and Bersha Rodney.

She has won awards at almost all local award shows such as the Ngoma Awards (the biggest award show in the country) for best performances, Sounds Arcades Awards for best selling album and Azami Award for best performances.

She has performed in almost all parts of Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. He has toured five provinces of Japan and represented Zambia at the SADC (Southern African Development Community) two weeks festival in Tokyo, Japan.

ZMLusaka, Zambia


Saboi and Barbra
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