Samvel Gasparyan


Award winning Armenian born jazz pianist and composer Samvel Gasparyan is presenting his EP “Morning in Yerevan “ label Universal Music Group MENA. Participantand prize winner of 2012 Montreaux and 2011 Nottingham International Jazz Piano competitions also winner of The Best Compilation Album of the year 2000,2001 in Armenian Music Award (with Armenian State Jazz Big Band ) He has appeared in 11 studio albums and toured in more than 40 countries. Performed in numerous prestigious concert halls such as Disney Hall, Kremlin Palace auditorium, Emirates Palace. MGM Grand Arena just to name few. Holds BA in Music. ​


International Jazz Day Concert 2017 'Body and Soul'
Creative Culture - Creator's Hands
Creative Culture - Higher
Hayk Gasparyan- Flambee Montalbanaise by Gus Visuer,
Donna Lee- live at Cafesjian Center for the Arts 2013
Armenian State Jazz Band - Ya gotta try -2002
Armenian Jazz Band -Arm.Music Award 2002


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