Salaam Band


The Salaam Band is a family band from Brikama, Gambia with a long time tradition of the griots. It was founded by Tata Dindin Jobarteh, a native of Brikama who was born in 1965. Tata is a kora master and a great singer. He traveled a lot and performed in many different countries. Another member Pa Bobo Jobarteh (born in 1975 in Brikama) is a great kora player and singer. He managed the Salam Band while Tata Dinding was sick. Other members are Bai Jobarteh (born in 1970) plays the drums, Bambo Konteh (born 1969) he is a bass player and Karamo Kuyateh (born in 1969) he is a great balafon player, Doudou Jeina (born 1978) he is a great percussionist, Dawda Kamara (born in 1978) is the guitar player, Moriba Kuyateh (born 1965) is another balafon master.

The band's music is a fusion of traditional kora and afro manding music matched with modern sounds. Named the “second king of kora” music, Salam Band is the second most popular kora music group in the country, after kora maestro Jaliba Kuyateh who is known as the King of kora music in the country.


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Tatadindin Jobarteh
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