Rural Arts Development (RAD) Foundation


The RAD Foundation believes in M.A.G.I.C (Music and Arts Growing Inspired Children) and introduces the arts to rural communities, providing a platform for integration and unity in diversity through classes, workshops, carnivals and festivals. RAD's aim is to get youth off the streets and into an environment where they can learn, grow and achieve their goals. The foundation's mission is to introduce all forms of the arts and cultural activities to our rural youth, thereby enabling them to be inspired to participate and explore - not only the platform for performance but also opportunities for sustainable career choices. Classes are offered in dance, music and singing, with drama and art to follow.

The foundation works in collaboration with several other NPOs to ensure reaching all target groups of youth to introduce them to the projects, which include: HIV/AIDS awareness, substance abuse, life skills, recycling, nutrition and other relevant youth issues. RAD's motto is to inspire, engage and educate with respect, attitude and discipline. Festivals and carnivals ensure participation in competitive platforms. Workshops from industry professionals inspire the youth, with master classes for teachers. The foundation's 'Adopt an Artist' campaign allows donors to sponsor talented youth with necessary funding.

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RAD Foundation
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