Roots Restaurant and Gallery is a jazzy, upmarket restaurant and art gallery. After only being in business for six months, the venue won the 2008 SAB Kickstart competition. Roots is more than just an entertainment space, it celebrates the township spirit and offers both local and international patrons an experience that can be matched to none. The soft background music, artwork and food bring a sweet nostalgia, while the service, décor & ambience befit modern luxury without getting stuffy.

This award-winning restaurant is the only restaurant in Soweto with a professional art gallery with artworks by Mongezi Gum, who has done works for Oprah Winfrey and the Malcolm X Art Gallery. Roots is cozily nested between the famous Morris Isaacson High School, where thousands of youths started their march against Bantu education years ago, and the Oppenheimer Tower, another popular tourist site. The restaurant boasts a lounge, a dining area, an art gallery and a balcony from which one can quietly enjoy a view of life in Soweto.

ZAJohannesburg, South Africa
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Reggie Makhetha
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