Rafiqi is a burgeoning musical trio with aspirations that never end...
You can count on their music to deliver avant-garde instrumentation
and African-Centered lyrics [Rafiqimusic].

It all started at the Millennium under the blazing hot Kalahari sun where
Kenyan-born brothers “Ezeek” [Kariuki wa Ngotho] and “Jothee”
[Kiiru wa Ngotho] claimed Namibia as their Southern-African residence.
It wasn’t long before this creative duo teamed up with “Makhosa Man”
[Boli Mootseng], a widely known veteran of the Namibian music and performing arts industry.

Makhosa Man, a senior producer with the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, toiled with music tracks and videos for Soul Makhosa, a local television program; while Ezeek and Jothee recorded musical stories about Africa as Rap duo, Blunted Souljahz.

Several meetings of the minds, jam sessions and creative rendezvous culminated in the formation of Myndz in 2001, and thus the birth of Rafiqimusic...

Rafiqimusic gripped local airways as track singles such as, Feel Me Kulcha, became instant hits within the Namibian music scene. In 2002 Myndz received the Kora Awards nomination for “Best Group”. In 2004 they independently released a cassette tape version of their album, “A Little Beat O’ Kulcha”.

In 2005 the group landed a distribution deal, which enabled them to release the long-awaited album, “A Little Beat O’ Kulcha” on CD. They officially changed their name from Myndz to Rafiqi, [the word Rafiki means friend in the Swahili language] and have been enjoying the success of the highly demanded CD.

Rafiqimusic imparts a one-of-a-kind sound to audiences with its Afro-Pop fusion, which the trio employs to lend a conventional and unique spin to Traditional African Storytelling. The whimsical, yet strategic lyrics are riddled with the nuances and experiences emanating from geographical and personal journeys shared by Ezeek, Jothee and Makhosa Man.

Their second album, “Kalimpantu” was recorded and co-produced by internationally acclaimed producer Christian Polloni and features great artist from Africa. Rafiqi have been performing their art in Africa and Europe.
Rafiqi has enjoyed the privilege of collaborating with an array of musicians and musical producers from the African continent, as well as the Caribbean, Europe and North America; to produce an authentic sound and musical treasure, which transcend time and borders and continue to work on new material.


KENairobi, Kenya
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