Radio Salus


Founded in 2006, Radio Salus is a radio station in Kigali, Rwanda. It was founded by former National University of Rwanda Students and Tutors in Huye District Radio. It is popular for empowering the youth, women and disabled people. The station has become a socio-economic development tool for many Rwandans through its educational programmes on economy, environment, HIV/AIDS, health and history. It is a symbol of a successful community radio that plays an instrumental role in the country in different ways.

Since its creation, it has received many accolades due to its demonstrated effectiveness and professionalism. Today, not only has it achieved one of its primary goals of media capacity building, but it has also enhanced and diversified radio programming in the whole country. Moreover, its impact is felt in the neighboring countries as it can be listened to by those living in some parts of Burundi, Tanzania and DRC, as well as around the world online.

RWKigali, Rwanda


Radio Salus
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