Azibuye Emasisweni Cultural Event

Azibuye Emasisweni Cultural Event celebrates 30 years of freedom by reflecting the key attainments of the country and the province, and municipality through celebrating what South Africa has achieved in the last 29 years. Amaviyo Musical Group is 100% black traditional musical group that is dedicated in promoting black artists on various genres of ARTs especially in disadvantage areas. We are committed to support and promote peace amongst people of eMaphephetheni area where we belong, eThekwini Municipality and throughout the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Amaviyo in conjunction with Iziko Art Company (Pty)Ltd. are therefore organizing to stage and host the 10th annual Azibuye Emasisweni Cultural Event which has been organized very successfully for 6 consecutive years since 2014 until 2019, before the momentum got interrupted by the strike of pandemic COVID-19 in 2020 as well as unrest and floods. This event has opened doors for so many local musical artists, crafters, scalpers, and local small businesses (SMMEs) to elevate themselves to the next level. This year as we’re celebrating 10 years of existence of the progamme that commemorate 30 years of South African democracy, we aim to give a whole new experience of fine music and cultural activities by creating awareness to the people of South Africa about different social ills within our community. We’re striving hard in promoting the culture of unity in diversity to our beloved people.