Polytechnic of Namibia’s Annual Cultural Festival


Polytechnic of Namibia’s Annual Cultural Festival is an event that was designed to promote unity through music, dance, literature, games and handicrafts. The festival was established in 1995 and features traditional groups offering a variety of delicacies from various cultural backgrounds such as Jamaica, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Portugal and many other countries. In August 2014, 19 students from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in South Africa graced the event with their traditional dances.

Numerous competitions are held during the event. These are egg races, dancing, noodle eating, hotdog eating, banana eating, ice-cream eating, and tomato-eating. Traditional dance performances that are held include Zambezi, Damara, Nama, Herero, Baster, Afoti, Zambian, Congo Brazaville, Kavango, Oshivambo, Tswana, Angola, as well as Zimbabwe. In the evening local artists TeQuila, S-Man, Mushe, PDK, Freeda, and The Dogg will grace the stage.

The festival helps to promote the various and rich cultures of Namibia let alone exposing the country to other cultures from the continent and other parts of the world.

NAWindhoek, Namibia


Polytechnic of Namibia’s Annual Cultural Festival
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