Performing Musicians Employers' Association Of Nigeria (PMAN)


Performing Musicians Employers' Association Of Nigeria, PMAN. PMAN is the sole umbrella body of all musicians in Nigeria duly registered and authorized by the Government Unions Act to regulate the Practice of the music profession in the country.

After several false starts in 1972, '75 and '77, the PMAN was formed in 1982. Previously, the musicians association was called National Music Council of Nigeria (NMCN) in 1977 when the Ghanaian professor Kwabena Nketia used the occasion of the Festival of Black Art and Culture (FESTAC) to try to bring Nigeria's musicians together.

The troubles continued as another body called the National Union of Nigerian Musicians (NUNM) engaged PMAN in some rivalry. The NUNM finally went defunct, leaving only PMAN, which had as first president King Sunny Ade. In 1986, his Vice President Sunny Okosuns took over.

Tony Okoroji succeeded Okosuns in 1989 and was the longest serving president of the association. Its problems continued affecting the body's relevance. So that younger musicians have kept away from the body.

The association's problems seemed to have ended in 2015, when the tenure of Pretty Okafor was upheld by a court.

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