Raymond DORDOYE known professionally in music as Papa Ray is a phenomenal and sensational instrumentalist based in Accra Ghana. His main instrument has been the trumpet among other instrument. He has played for many years now carving a good reputation for himself as a new breed of horns men to project the trumpet as well as singing. Counting several collaborations with other musicians under his belt, he teamed up with kyekyeku and fellow contemporary band FRA! to make a tune titled ‘Happy Yourself’ which receives good airplay on some of Accra’s urban radios. Papa Ray has become one of the music group and collective Kyekyeku & Ghanalogue Highlife culminating in several performances around the world where he traveled with the band in France, Belgium(Ethno Jazz festival and Elklo Jazz festival), Switzerland(Montreux Jazz festival) Spain(Canarais Jazz festival, Fuenteveturas En Musica, MAPAS, MUMES, UBU, Etnosur Jazz festival, Prineos sur jazz festival, Imagina Funk festival , Sin sal Son jazz festival, La Marde Musicas Jazz festival). With one of the best trumpet technique and wide playing flair in Highlife, Afrobeat, Gospel and jazz, Ray brings a brassy punch to all musical arrangements of the groups. He has Oga which he released five years ago to his credit as well as Peace Reign Africa, Oye, new rendition of Ghana patriotic song (Yen ara yasase ni) and will soon release an album. Raymond Dordoye graduated with Bachelor of science in Business Administration at central university, Accra Ghana.


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