Pamberi Trust


Pamberi Trust is a Zimbabwean registered non-profit making organization. It was established in 2001 with the thrust of specializing in the promotion of local arts through financial assistance. It creates platforms for artists to perform by closely operating with the Harare based Book Café. Book Cafe is known for being the center of activity for artists who specialize in different activities such as poetry, music and theatre.

Its mission is to allow performing, literary and visual artists to accomplish their potential and have a mainstream role in the development of the nation. The organisation presents hundreds of live arts events every year together with established and emerging artists.

Some of the partners involved in the funding of Pamberi Trust include Africalia Belgium, HIVOS, WK Kellogg Foundation, Freedom to Create, International Performers Aid Trust, Stichting Doen, Danish Centre for Culture and Development (DCCD).

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Pamberi Trust
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