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Masango Obase-Aboli Namolongo is an Afro-fusion musician from Cameroon.

Unlike a lot of musicians, he wasn't born into a family of musician and was more of a footballer than a musician throughout most of his childhood. He later moved to Bishop Rogan minor seminary where he was introduced to and thought classical music as a subject for three years. Obase-Aboli was still more of a footballer than a musician but was soon discovered in his fourth year as a Xylophone virtuoso. He became the number one Xylophonist for the school and music prefect for the remaining part of his years. It was during this time that he composed his first classical piece and got his first musical award for the "best conductor" in an all catholic schools choral competition. While in the university, Obase-Aboli continued with his choral/classical music prowess and was music director, pianist, and percussionist for several choirs.

Obase-Aboli later moved to Abu Dhabi where he got the opportunity to take an introductory course in Jazz at the New York University Abu Dhabi. This piqued his interest in jazz music which he has gone ahead to exploit. During the same period, he was asked to act as a French - English translator for the Xylophone maestro Fode Lasanna Diabate from Mali, who had visited NYUAD with the Kronos Quartet on their "50 for the future" collaboration. This was a turning point in his career. He plays Jazz alongside several genre of music from the African continent including, Amekoko, Makosa, Agbadja, Rhumba and many more. While in Abu Dhabi, Obase-Aboli was a member of the blue Fever Jazz A Capella and the Abu Dhabi National Symphony Orchestral. Obase-Aboli was invited to give a Ted talk at the 2015 TedX NYUAD(which clashed with his concert where he had to do a vocal back up for Andrea Bocelli) where he spoke about his musical Journey. He was also invited to play percussion at the 2015 national Autism day Abu Dhabi and has then been a self proclaimed ambassador to kids suffering from Autism and other difficult complications.

With great ambition to exploit African Rhythms, he later moved to Ghana in 2016 where he has been exploiting Ghanaian High life and other African genre of music. Obase-Aboli has two album to his credit "ETAPO" "UJHASUMA AFRICA". He now tours with his own 8piece group ‘’ Ban'tikar-The African Spy band". Obase-Aboli has worked with Salif Keita and Les Ambassador du Hotel Bamako from Mali, Fred Wesley and Pee wee Elis (of James Brown) the Kronos Quartet, Just a Band from Kenya, Lassana Diabate from Mali, Gyedu-Blay Ambulley, Bessa Simons, and Akablay from Ghana and many more.


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Obaseaboli official just released a new song and an amazing video. Purely African and natural, it is an epitome of the richness of the African continent. Check out the link below and kindly suscribe. #newrelease #africa



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