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NURU FM 93.5 was established by IDYDC as one of its department in 2009. Nuru FM is a Community Radio that is open to all regardless of their faith or religious and affiliation.
The Radio carters for the whole of Iringa municipal and some parts of Kilolo, Mufindi, Njombe and Iringa rural which is located within Iringa region with a total area of 58,936km². And estimate population of 1,737,387 by 2010, with a growth rate of 1.6%.

Nuru FM exists to see the community development and self-reliance in all aspect of life including decision making for community interest, to improve living standards and community liberation from high degree of poverty, ignorance and disease by having well organized programs that will provide affordable information.

The station's objectives include:

-To provide economic, social and political education among individuals and communities at large.
-To wage war against use of alcohol and drugs abuse
-To cooperate or work together with local and international partners, donors organization on the children’s welfare.
-To protect children from violation of their right.
-To collaborate with government in environmental conservation as well as peace and harmony keeping within the communities.

TZIringa, Tanzania
In operation since: 


Nuru FM
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