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Nik DaFrik is a French rapper based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Having moved to South Africa several years ago, Nik DaFrik embraces the local vibe that Cape Town offers,. He says that Africa has awoken the music beast inside him. Nik confesses that he has pushed myself hard to reach the standards of many local artists. And now, finally he believes that he has found his ground, his rhythm and his soul in his music to pursue his dreams.

Nik released his first EP (produced by D’versCT) at the end of 2017, which is available on all relevant streaming platforms. The EP features no 12 guests. Three of his videos have been aired on TV channels across Africa: 'Something’s Gotta Give', 'Irie', which was awarded No 3 Best 2016 Video by Mzansi Reggae, and 'Boom Bada Boom', which ranked at No 11 in the African Hot 20 on Channel O in June 2018.

Since the EP, Nik has released three singles, one of them featuring DJ Eazy from Good Hope FM. Nik has also collaborated with artists from Tanzania, Malawi and Zimbabwe, with more collaborations planned for the near future.


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Nik DaFrik


Things That We Do (audio) ft. Sinovuyo Sese, Luyanda Mafiana


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