The ability to control the tempo of a party, make people get up and dance or sit back and enjoy the ambience is an awesome power, that I do not take for granted."


Understanding the phenomenon that Nenoblues is akin to understanding all the layers of an onion. While she recognizes herself first and foremost a ''lover of music' and is enriched with history of singing and arranging music with bands, Nenoblues has stamped her name in the music industry as a musical connoisseur.


As a Dj she has played at various venues including Artivist, Mangrove Native Rebels, The Box Shop, Kitchener's, 44 Stanley and at the Amphitheatre Backpackers in Bergville, in KZN at the Smoking Dragon Festival as well as notable events such as Arts Alive, Breakfast at Khujo's Unwind Fridays, Deep Soulja, Feel Good series, Subterranean Wavelength, The Bam Jive Festival and more.


As a host she launched her Femmely Foundation (2022) with female-led Djying events such as 'Moms on Decks', 'Izane Stick' and the much anticipated 'Dads on Decks', all this in lieu of the inaugural Femmely festival (2023), She also hosts/curates a djying workshop From Scratch and an exploration of going Beyond Djying, together with the Soft Grapes team which featured at the Fakugesi festival in 2021


As a musician she has immersed her soulful sounds, singing, presenting as a radio dj and is a proudly self-taught music producer, sound engineer and live recording engineer.


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ZAJohannesburg, South Africa
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