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I am a graduate of Political Science, Law and looking another degree in the field of Social Anthropology. I am 30 years old and single but in good relationship, though my educational background and study seems too far from the disciplines and courses of music; however my interest and passion to study history of music of my country particularly the history of music and art generally drives me to read and to research over the area enthusiastically.

Apart from my education I am also a journalist who covers many stories related to art scene in the country and providing articles about music and other artistic works in the country, due to the nature of job I have been attending and covering many live performances which had had happened in the country. This also gives me further understanding and made me to acquaint with the music scenes and music personalities of the country both the legend and the youngsters.

Due to my connection with the personalities of the art environment I was able to write, read and interviewed many musicians, the musicians whom I mate including both the traditional instrument players at the same time traditional singers modern musicians and that gives me a pleasure to look asses the environment closely.
Moreover am also looking the musical education sector of the country in which I have been engaged in studying and analyzing the music education sector in my country. My study over the area dates a few years back, since there is one public music school at higher education level (university) in Ethiopia, and very few private ones their contribution to the development of the music of the country is also minimal and hence I was also looking at the gaps on the sector. For this reason am so interested to further my study over the music and music education of the country.


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Neamin Ashenafi

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