Navigator is a songwriter, rapper and voice-over artist form born in Magaliesburg, South Africa.

After high school he moved to Johannesburg in 2001 where he began his music career. He formed a group called Crazy Squad with which he recorded a mix tape. This led the crew to be featured on a 2007 hip hop documentary that aired on SABC.

Navigator then went solo in 2012. His first single titled 'MR CEO' was play listed on VOW (Voice of Wits) FM and UCT Radio. It also made the SA Music Chart Top 20 Emerging Artists list for eight weeks in 2015. The song is also on rotation on GMTVRadio in the US.

His other song, 'Every Day' was on rotation on Link FM, which gained him a radio interview with the same radio station and again on rotation with GMTVRadio. The same song was also on rotation on Holy Holla Rhythm FM in Nigeria and on Jazzy Soul Radio in Australia.

In 2014, Navigator made a hip hop documentary with Temple University in Philadelphia, whose representatives came to South Africa. The documentary won an award in Philadelphia.

Navigator's music is published by Sheer Africa. Most of his songs are either produced or mastered by Tru Hitz, the producer who has done work for the likes of Stilo Magolide, Stogie T, DJ Speedsta, Youngsta CPT, AKA and Riky Rick. Currently one of his songs, titled 'Oh Yeah', is on the KFC Soundbite Chart, and his latest two songs, 'Malalapipe' and 'Phaga' are on Vodacom as a welcome tunes. Most of his songs are playlisted on VenRap radio. 'Phaga' is playlisted on USA Radio.

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