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Nam Radio is a radio station in Namibia.

The station is intended for emerging artists who want to showcase their talent to the listening public. It is a platform that creates and provides opportunities for upcoming artists. The platform is also a collection of innovative people who intend to create a society that is inspired and informed in order facilitate active participation of marginalised groups within communities.

Nam Radio also acts as a movement that gives power to upcoming artists. In addition, it gives artists who do not have access to the media airtime and is designed to reduce inequality for emerging artists within the entertainment industry.


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Introduction to Alexia's World
hottest zambian songs
About Nam-Radio


Nam Radio Local
Alva-Closer Now
Abdallah's Interview
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep2
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep1
If Jamiroquai and Stevie Wonder were Italians, they would sound like Sonamó
BUHU’s compositions are powerful, sonically cinematic, multidimensional, precise, ever unfolding.
Malawian born, Zimbabwean raised
hottest zambian songs
What if hip hop session
HOT_ZED Episode 1
Introduction to Alexia's World
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About Nam-Radio


NAWindhoek, Namibia
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