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Nam Radio is a radio station in Namibia.

The station is intended for emerging artists who want to showcase their talent to the listening public. It is a platform that creates and provides opportunities for upcoming artists. The platform is also a collection of innovative people who intend to create a society that is inspired and informed in order facilitate active participation of marginalised groups within communities.

Nam Radio also acts as a movement that gives power to upcoming artists. In addition, it gives artists who do not have access to the media airtime and is designed to reduce inequality for emerging artists within the entertainment industry.


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Nam Radio added 3 new videos

Mia Grace - Stuck
Adrielle Bow Belle - Growing up
Eda Eren - Dream Of You
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Nam Radio added 6 new videos

Tristan Price - Buy You a Ring
Sam Opoku - Okay
The Bergamot - Make It Last
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Nam Radio added 6 new videos

Tony Nollo - Never Too Many Burdens
PENZDEEP x Sofia Camille - Do What I Want
Awash - High on love
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Nam Radio added 6 new videos

Jonny James - Steel Town
Daisy Grow Yellow - Same Dust


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Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep10
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Nam Two
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Namradio 247
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Drive Time with MC Caterpillar
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HOT_ZED Episode 1


Eda Eren - Dream Of You
Mia Grace - Stuck
Adrielle Bow Belle - Growing up
Sam Opoku - Okay
The Bergamot - Make It Last
Tristan Price - Buy You a Ring
Patient Lounge - Places
Dugger Band - Greek to Me
Homebased - lojosi
Talking To Sophie - Mariposa
Tony Nollo - Never Too Many Burdens
Tiphanie Doucet - You and I
Rocky Michaels - Music For My Soul
Awash - High on love
PENZDEEP x Sofia Camille - Do What I Want
JPson - A Whole New Road
Jonny James - Steel Town
Daisy Grow Yellow - Same Dust
Moon Fever - Shaking Off The Evil
Euan McLaughlin - Askival
Jane McNealy FT Joyce Dunn - Turn away from darkness
Chi Thanh FT Ben Mccrary - What's A Man To Do
Gregory Wilson - Blessed
Chase Tremaine - Search For Myself
Vaughan Tego FT Tolu Ade - For you
Yorxe - Like Me
Estella Dawn - Filler 2.0
Miss Knockout - No Cappin
The Born Love - Carry Each Other
Joshua Cruz x Len Wilson - NXT LVL
March & June x Julie August - Touch
Tales in space - Universe
Hyde Out - Chiaraluna
Szandra Mayer - Florida Keys
Abonda - Fever
Reality Suite - Cut, Burn, Bruise
MODEO - Free Dream
Chris Punk ft George - Crazy
Jameel Mason - Quarantine Mami
Macey Estes - Save Yourself
Melodic Yoza - CELEBRATE
Yellow Shoots - naked
Corona Pandemic Self-Isolation: Virtual Singing Lessons Worldwide
Streaming around the world.
#Vokoz Online Jifunze Kuimba Na Joett Kwa Njia Ya Simu
Mazoezi Ya Sauti LIVE Kwa Njia Ya Simu Unaporekodi Ngoma Studio
Vocals Quick Fix Africa
A Reality Check for Singers who think they can get by with just Talent
TY Charis - Rejoice
Da MC - Rise of an empire
Tom X Wolfe - SOWETO
TATUM - Fever
Megzy The Riter - knock it out
EMERGER - Urban Wilderness (Reimagined)
Phillip Diaz - Create in me
Pawl and Discrete - in my heart
Mandy McMillan - Dream Catcher
Mandi Macias - You, Right Now
Steven Blane - My New record
Sancii & Lelu Crayon - Lima
Sam Opoku - Yellow
Running Lights - Did your best
Ronja Maltzahn - Mother
Kinck - Emperor's New Clothes
Davy Sage - Together
TheOnlyRLS - Treasure
Lorde Biston & De Mayor - dance for me
Tyler Shamy - My Friend
Thomas Hewitt Jones - can you hear me?
SØDR - No Brasil
Lita - Ciao Ciao
Dj 6Pac, Soko7 & Kobi Jonz - star player
Chris Waters - Blurry
Ch!nwe & Obi Original - Photo
TheOnlyRLS - Treasure
Lorde Biston De Mayor - dance for me
Kleopetrol - When This S** is done
KT Gorique - Kendrick
Alex Di Leo - Youth (Remix by Kane kooper)
OneDa - Power
Lucas Hoang - The good in me
Tk - Black Queen
TK Tycoon - Ginja
Jack Hawitt - Higher love
Holly Tomas - How You Love Me
Nickie Minshall - Watch your step
Hessam - Here comes the rain - RUN4U
Danny G Felix, Malo & Eme Santana - Finao
Scarlett Rose - The Circus
Lorenzo Wood - Drown
Nikitta - Dance in the night
Wrash Heed - away
Manuvah to Land - got this feeling
Jane Chuks - Lit
Matilda Lindell One of us (cover)
ZADI - Heartless Man
TAB Family & Ayo Busari - twist & whine
Melissa Salazar - Like it never started
Justin Oliver - Clean
Azizz - grown and sexy
Cada Um - Banda De Role
Callum Pitt - out of the trees
Charlie Moss - I'm not leaving
Marliii - spill the tea
Mynyctis - Douse
NVTE - Baiyuwahyuwah
MOSIAH - Nah Do That
Low Key Crush - When you were leaving
Fyfe & Joel Baker - Prayer Emoji's
Etzia FT Sean Paul - Let my spirit fly
Cloudy June - High Waist to Hell
Stevy Enay - Tetris
Radio Krimi Records - Life will move you
Malka Family - Donne Moi Ca!
KMISA - Rendez vous avec la lune
Navyboy - Kubaye
Mia Amare FT Sarah Bird - take on me
Megawatt & Lwethu - weekend vibes 2.0
Kaystyle - Style and Pattern
Efi Cruise - flex
Trav Torch - Lust
Latir - Wallflower
Kyle Valentino & Rachel Philip - alone
Jerome Obholz - All you want
Global Local Music Factory FT Shannon Maree - Big Shiny Heart
Ben Barbic & Craigy T - close 2 peace
Make Friends - when nothing's said
Watermelon Boy & Green Baker - kibaye
Vinny Lunar - Mr Misery
Ruby Jay - vivid dream
P R A Y E R - Bubble Trouble
Interview Nam Radio - JEan Pouchelon
Night House - Bloodlines
Matt Carstens - High
Keeana Kee - genius
Journeyman & Che Barq - walking with angels
Jake Chowman - Bolanle
Jack Devaney - Pebbles
Christaleni - intentions
Celine Call me
Cadaze - Baba
Bryce Drew - Lucky Number
Ammy - Tingz
The Rock Skandi Kings - Inyembezi
Lisa Heller - Closure
MOLTENO - Tripping Up
Shahana - through the fire
Mynyctis - syilapa
Matt Carstens - why him
Lady Jay - Odo Nana
Karl Thesing - Ghost
I want Poetry - Growing Pains
Frances Clare - go
Adoniran Barbosa Tresn das Onze
LHEON - lay low
JADE JANA - sassaye
Doctor LOURD
Cila Tight - Amitie Gachee
Chinese Man hold tight
Tres -The busy twist
Klangkarussell & Givven - Ghostkeeper
Tom Read Thank You
TopDeck, ManCub & Qwade Dunn - The one
Chaos Curb Collaboration - more than anything
Leah Jenea - Balance
Keella Garre - ENERGY
Jillian Lake - Oliver
Sammy Saucelito - Gang Shh
Rodrigo Simoes - Mix for all
Leon Grey - ticket for your love
MC Vaz Focus Show Ep6
MC Vaz Focus Show Ep5
MC Vaz Focus Show Ep4
MC Vaz Focus Show Ep3
MC Vaz Focus Show Ep2
MC Vaz Focus Show Ep1
Too Calm Feel Good
OZFERTIx Ayou Nagesh & the sons of Dire Dawa - Space Gurage
Elephant Heart Love
Calyco flo
ABKTRAUMA trap coat
Yify Zhang run
Tiger X Sista
Monoir & Ameline - Midnight in Norway
Marlon Brando contraband
Duncan Daniels ft Mackgee, Lady Albatross, Jamila - Gbedu
Deagle cum thru
David Vaters FLYING
Chelzzz Somewhere in Miami
Alpha 23 lost religion
Abe Parker keep me guessing
TRBL - I'm back
The Amber Unit Numbers
ST3PH X Karl William - babylon
Omer Netzer Gilad Ephrat - mother
Nandan Gautam on the way to heaven
Mayah Camara choose life
Jordan Perry Drive into night
Gavin Haley the way I am
Flocks luna
Elson Complex SADDEST SONG
Elli K - My Everything
Wes Chiller Drift away
Drop Lone - we won t ever
Villa 31 Patience (instrumental)
Marek Kubala Hollow raft
Mae Krell garden
Lisa Heller Pulling Away
Kyle Lacy Low and Slow
Jules Kyng Can I Pass the border
EMM Please
Arewa flowers
Alessia Raisi I'm on fire
Siilk Legend Real Rasta Man
Ron A P Colombian girlfriend
Roca - Landscape
Rev KJ Blane this time
Peri El Slow Down
One nine Bloodrush
MICHAEL G MOORE demons & angels
Keith Green O Lord you're beautiful
Kaleo Sansaa Brown soil
Wardell Piper - Distant star
TEF - 12 Nocturne
Richard S - Stunning
Pernilla Kannapinn - setting sails
Omo Frenchie & Stardom Snap Capone - style
Renee Michele - the road less traveled
Isaac Grinsdale - play dead
Petty party - Ghosts Zombies
Dan Harden - Hard Row to hoe
Ash St John the instant
Thorisson & Luna Asteri - voices
Stephan Duy - Beating
Soobie - Off The Ground
Alex Parker - Sneakers & Weed
Nick de la Hoyde - Maze
Muyinza afterlife
K LINA Just One Pic
Jay Smith Group Marlon Mackey - just stop
Illexotic 2020
Guy - Breaking Down
Altuz - Altuz Baby
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The story behind the song
Zachary Ray let go
Tony Allen Hugh Masekela we've landed
The Forever Now hold
Shannon Clarke & the sugar - only one
marissa - new year s eve
Nathalie Sade would you love me
John True one
Joel Havea Trio Hell to pay
Golddiggers feel the rain (unwritten)
Steve Blane - Don t You Leave Me Alone
Destiny Malibu sweet persuasion
The_Afro-Tripping_Music_Show_ #6
red queen the hard way
Yayvo no mames
Wrldbeat my mama is a witch
Slim Kofi no caption
Nicholas Wells what I'm here for
Marcus Levonne Rosegold
Jacqueline Loor if i could go back
Gina Livia in my head
Elson Complex caletonia
Davy Sage your love
White Blue 357 jealousy
Von Deckle devilish girl
Vealy mama's song
Tuarrah palimpsest
Tres the busy twist etali nga te
The Sweet Kill shutdown
The Carbons sleep
Terra Volta Boo Boo Man
Steven Blane I walk alone
Solo EI Malo like a king
Seven Zen they are us
Sanmi Thomas and Sunkkeysnoop sandra
Sam Trump & his band acoustic audible where the love is
Running Lights next year
Roy Matz mula
Radio Jamz do not deserve
Pharoah want some a yuh ting
Payton Gin Red Tape
Ovation Worship you are the light
Outsourced Feelings bitter coffee
Nickie Conley 100 Christmas Kisses
Nata chocolate & red wine
Introducing Syrano
Moncrieff I don t know why
MKHL by myself
Loverman coming up roses
Landon Tate johnny doe
Joey Gonzalez new days glory
Dirtsa Music straight out of France
Devolve till we fall in love
CrySpy skit
Follow us
Koala Smoke Melanie Moon be free
Kepa Lehtinen 16mm
Karma SF Stardust
Justin 3 Anthony vibes nothing to lose
Johnny Walko Mango
JIGI welcome
Jenny Kern now we know
EMM Wild Child
D'identicals Loni Repete
Cipher blowing up
Ibrahim Ferrer vien conmigo guajira
Hannah Diones sleep trauma
Hannah Diones one of these guys
Haley Sullivan opinion
Firas Matar warm memory dance
Ezra Jordan cliffs
Eyeami chabata
Dustin Chapman plus one
Daniel Monte Not the last goodbye
Dorfler Monco
Chloe Bee wet cement
BRIDGE Big Spending
Boi Dimix soke
Blackstock why did we stop?
Annie J figured out
Amtrac radical
Amir Kelly eden
Abakus forgiveness
Aaron Spencer sticky dance floor
60 East summer's song
Zen Thomas noone
Taiwan MC let the weed burn
Shadi G mind
Sulkin Raven not so bad
Platform 55 don t be afraid
Savoy Ellis Sunset daydream
No Fast Forward the one
Nina Simone feeling good
Loic Penillo what you make it
JPson sick and tired
Joey Tyler Past no return
Hedgear guardian angel
Freudz Couch Freedom
Francis Groove and friends can't wait
Elson Complex blend
Elin Louise set my heart on fire
Down North eventually
Bijoux Dit Moi
Ansheles storm
Moonlight Breakfast gingerbread
Lewis Capaldi someone you loved
Jerome Obholz over now
Ye Huang raven
VYB dangerously addicted
Veers all you can carry
Various artists amazing grace
Valencia ready
Urchin and Grace Walker Blame it
UNOBAHN Burn or fade
Toranpetto afternoon showers
Tim Pfau & Olaf Schonborn calling again
The sweet kill night terror creeper
The Molice moving
Tamara Bubble Peep Peep
Swit Lu-c Ayaya
Stay Nice can't hide
Soundspretty Maui Womie
Roy Matz give you all my love
P Ryan American Beauty
Nane always on my mind
Mr Perfect kingstone Bus stop
Milwin and Walt rise up
Belly Harding Mi Amor
Barzo Smacznego
Averee circles
Amy Fitz Doyley ears
Akkodha stardust II
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep1
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep11
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep2
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep3
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep5
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep6
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep7
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep8
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep9
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep10
Qwiet Type chains
MAXN off day
Lucas Roth Sabado Gigante
KATYA You Spin Me Round
M Unknown T'es libre
Kosha Dillz nobody comes except you
Joya Mooi Been Here been here
Jayy Maadniss no
Josefine Landelius I can't feel
inHarmony & Weddoff losing my mind
Hannah Diones Re-Falling
Felin Berlin
Errol Bangz Clarity
Empire Theory lifeline
dp888 selfish girl
Digby Jones funky
Dee Q deserve you
Ceara Cavalieri trust somebody
Carley Varley honest conflict
Carley Valley found
Betty Moon runaway
Benz Paul bad luck and tears
Benny Brassic divine powers
24/7 radio streams
ZOE - Amour Fou
Valencia James - Need
Tony J Guarino Erik Schevenin - watch the sunrise
Tim Pfau Olaf Schonborn - by the way
Thorisson Nitika Budha Magar - don't lie to me
Roots Percussionist - Royal KhaoZ & QNA outlaw
MindMassage - sailing away
MIDLO Admit It
Malabi Tropical - Muerte
Looner - If You'll Just let me try
LA Rochelle no more
Koncept polo bear
Ko-Jo Cue Dzo
Jungle and Juice new beginnings
Joshua Ryan chameleon eyes
Jorge Blind
Jennifer Truesdale Through the circle
JAI'O all on me
IQ everywhere i go
Fomo FT Wayne Wilson make you mine
Empress all in my head
Emily James lighten up
Elyamont Mala
Christen Cooper dot dot dot
Charlie Moon Meader i wanna go home
CaitlinDe Ville ricochet
Bywater Call WALK ON BY
Apache Rose tiny love
AMES bounce
Santo pull up
Sandra Grace hotel
Tommy Kristo take me back
Tom Read Borderless
TEFO deny it
Taca Les enfants De Lefe
Tushar Mathur mend
Saveria - pity
Robbie Hutton too late
Riley Phillips gotta know
NY Teez outer space
Munnycat - millionaire
Mister Drax in my soul
Margo Zelle - lazy
Marcy Playground - Sex and candy
Peter Ulrich Collaboration - lessons of love
Louam and Devin Morrison like 90s RnB
Leonard pull me closer
INIMA Joxaren the freak
Ikenna no say
Leon Wings just keep dreaming
Leo1bee moon style love
Kay Sade patterns
Karl Jakob reality is here
Kalmly 639
Josef Bamba run
Jeremy Benjamin cherry tree
Jen Kalicharan medusa
Ivory Blue egwu
Ian McFarland when we first met
George Makridis when I was ten
Folarin and Keziah Jesus is alive
Enjune & Corey Harper lost in the woods
Ellie Hall next time
Dvniel starlight
Drist - lovers
Decent At Best take your time
Danica Hunter waste my time
Chantel Waltz satisfy
Brecnmari - crazy
Booyah Riot - somebody like you
Bad Habbits feat Dom Pachino of Killarmy and Ox The Mogul - Talk Jive
Austin Strange - foolish
Arts Fishing Club - human
Apache Grosse chains
Almost Empty audio sexual
All the damn vampire - Saturday
Alexandre Bergheam w
Viviana zip-tie
Vitali feather of truth
UpperRoom - joy
Synthonic - i hop
Steve Benjamins mushroom
RomanLP greatest girlies
Palco not gonna change me
Natalya - not my season
NACA - solita sera
Mindmassage indecisive
LJ Gomez
Korevo, Camistry, Itsy Witty - Speak your language
King Mane transform
Joe Write fools paradise
JayceTheProducer - Ma Bella
Jane Q Public - sugar water
IDEA stereo
Hyphen - feels right
ThroneRoom Family throne room
Sean X Je Ka soro (let's talk)
Rob the Heart I still think about you
Raphael Novarina funeralmarch no.1
Percyus hazel
Austin Mulka soul
Carlos Elsel a home truth
Evandro - Dresch up
Gambo proiezioni
Nanii Acosta - Dime (tell me)
Jenezy hypnotized
Matt Landi disaster art
Jenny Kern build a bridge
Matthew Schultz - turn me up
Yestalgia back on track
Xyadic - napoli
The Kemist Mayhem 7.0
The Bergamot - young again
Tamara Bubble - forget your name
Talitha Kaena
Sounds Of Nowhere - wake up in the night
Slow Jack & Tatenda WekwaTenzi - wolf at night
ShadowHood - conquest
Shadi G disconnection
Rj Belo & Lolé - higher
Peter Saputo stay
Paloma Silveyra Sunny
NOGYMX red oceans
Nitai Charan Batty Rider
Nørd snacka inte med mig
Morghan Kennedy and Gino Lee - Aces
Moongold soul booth
Midlo emotional
Mentum you the one
MC crypto
Matthew Reid rise above
Matthew Reid calling out
Matthew Reid last chance
Masaya Wada Different beat
Loudbrook light cancels darkness
Loudbrook let every tongue
Loudbrook friend of sinners
Leo Salom back to you
Leecee - mine
Lanz Dealer cazadora
K Carter - NBX
K 3U77 HennyTing Goes
June - Chills
Joel Havea Uluaki Fepaki/Island songs
Jerry Boroboun - Believe
PAX - Jacket
Ike Rann - Stay
Jake hoffman - endless repeating
Jack Henry - blush
Groove - kaleidoscope
Gina Brooklyn - Blue
Hype-O - Naija 2 LDN
Hazansky - dreaming
Geebs - Options
Frankie Flow - Cartoline
Erich Mrak - city lights
Employeez Only - no more shots
Emil - Dn not Disturb
Drist - sunset
Eva Grace - top down
Coldway - Southern Hospitality
Caroline Kole - freaking out
Damoosic - grow
Carla Hassett - sempre odara
Britta - Daydreams
Brandon Markell Holmes - tamika
Boyan Rista - high (on your love)
Black Domino - another day
Bantunani - Unplugme
Andree Theander - train of dreams
Adrian Dzvuke - one time
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How to Get a Complete Vocal Warm-Up in Just 12 Minutes
MIDLO- Ft. Renata Baiocco Emotional
STR8WYZ - Natty Ras FT. Sly & Robbie
Valerie Warntz - We Will Never Be Together
Nam Radio Local
Alva-Closer Now
Abdallah's Interview
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep2
Hip Hop 263 The Other Side Ep1
If Jamiroquai and Stevie Wonder were Italians, they would sound like Sonamó
BUHU’s compositions are powerful, sonically cinematic, multidimensional, precise, ever unfolding.
Malawian born, Zimbabwean raised
hottest zambian songs
What if hip hop session
HOT_ZED Episode 1
Introduction to Alexia's World
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