Naiga is a Kenyan born musician based in Norway. She is a prominent figure, agile person, laughing and a self proclaimed extrovert. Born in 1987 in Siaya District, Naiga grew up loving music while residing in Nairobi with her family. She is currently staying in Kristiansand Norway and blessed with three beautiful children. My music journey is inspired by my family. In 2012 when I moved to Norway I was running my Non-Governmental Organization called Point Five Investment. This organization is based on the pillars of providing for and helping under-privileged children in society. While visiting a children centre on my return to Kenya in 2017 my music career and start was born. I started singing for children and it became a norm both at my home and in the service of community work. I could sing and entertain children and this prompted my spirit to pursue music as an artist professionally. (VISION) To be a premier hub of entertainment cutting edge on all classes with ingenuity and professionalism. (MY MUSIC DREAM) My focus is to be the most acknowledged and sought after Kenyan female artist. I am investing in bringing the Kenyan flava of music to the World map. Living in the first world I have had the privilege of learning how the music world works and where the future of music is about to go. I am focussing on growing myself as an artist and working with well re-known act both in Kenya and the world.

KENairobi, Kenya
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