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The Music School in Umhlanga, Durban, facilitates the tuition of the Trinity College London, Modern Music syllabus, which includes material in most popular music styles including rock, pop, Jazz, hip-hop and R&B for piano, keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, drum kit, saxophone and vocals. The syllabus is generally less theory-orientated and very practical in its delivery, and facilitates from absolute beginners, and through Grade 1 to the very advanced Grade 8.

The recommended 30-minute individual lesson per week is adequate to work through the syllabus at a manageable pace. Students are from all walks of life and all ages. More skills are necessary in the musicians’ 'survival kit', so the school promotes, amongst other activities, participation in our Software Lab to enable a better understanding of the role of computer-based music production today. Their break-out area allows 'jamming' with other musicians. Participating in various public activities, events and festivals is once again indicative of integrating with the community outside of the school environment. The school has long-standing relationships with the major branded instrument distributors in South Africa and can offer students substantial discounts on their instrument requirements.

ZADurban, South Africa
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