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Based on its core values ‘young’, ‘inspiring’, ‘powerful’ and ‘challenging’ Music Mayday strives for a united world in which young people are fully able to actively contribute to their future together.

Music Mayday is a not-for-profit organization that supports young individuals in their creative and artistic development, leading to increased creative entrepreneurship and the rise of new role models, peer supporters and peer educators.

The organization achieves this by providing training and improved facilities in the fields of music, dance, theatre, video and new media. The activities are youth driven and enhance development-oriented thinking, common understanding and exchange. The international collaboration programs provide a global connection through artistic expression.

To date, Music Mayday hosts 'The Sounds of Tomorrow' an EU-funded project which aims to strengthen the Creative Economy of Tanzania by providing music training for talented youth. Scholarship winners were selected in four public talent competitions. They participate in a 2-year certificate program with an emphasis on musicianship and practical skills building.

The long-term aim is to build a sustainable training center, which sources, trains, develops, promotes and markets highly qualified professionals of the music industry.

Music Mayday has organized the largest celebrations of youth culture in Dar es Salaam through its B-connected festivals which attract between 3000-6000 youth in one day. The open mic project headhunts and trains new musical talent throughout the suburbs of Dar.

Testament to this is the discovery of Diamond, now the country’s most popular Bongo Flava artist. During the 2010 election year, Music Mayday won the UNDP tender to conduct a civic education program. Implemented in 10 regions in Tanzania over a 3-month period and with an average attendance of 5000 youth per event, Music Mayday used music performances, film, dance, theatre, seminars and stage discussions to educate youth on their constitutional rights.

In partnership with BEST AC, Music Mayday is currently developing radio programs addressing the business environment of Tanzania, with a special focus on young people in business. The program opens with a drama piece and musical messages followed by panel discussions between government and private sector stakeholders.

Music Mayday has partnered with Femina HIP, Music Crossroads, Family Health International (FHI), Fontys University in the Netherlands, Utrecht School of Art, Rootsrider, School of journalism and mass communication, Visa 2 Dance Festival, Tanzania Gender Networking Program (TGNP), Tanzania House of Talent, Umati, Youth Initiatives Tanzania (YITA), Youth Empowerment Project (YEP), Malezi youth group, Lumumba theatre, Parapanda theatre group, University of Dar es Salaam, Basata, Cordaid and Tripod Media Video production amongst others.


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