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Born in 1996 as a music festival in Maputo, Music Crosscroads Mozambique has grown from its involvement with numerous regional and national music initiatives to an established organisation in its own right. Since then, it has proudly launched the careers of numerous of recording artists nationwide, including acts such as ‘Timbila Muzimba’, ‘Dulce Band’, ‘Marove’, ‘Nfithe’ and ‘Nyacha’. The main purpose of MC Mozambique is to educate, inspire and empower youth in and through music.

Since 2013, the Music Crossroads Academy has been providing young passionate and talented musicians with the knowledge and know-how needed to actively participate in today's highly competitive music industry as professional musicians. The academy provides its students with an exciting and rewarding one-year Professional Certificate Program of solid practical and theoretical music education. Today, the MCA has become a point of reference for many young local and non-local musicians, to meet, rehearse, express their music freely and share knowledge through cultural exchanges. The academy offers students the tools necessary for pursuing careers in the creative sector, such as professional musicians, teachers, technicians, creative entrepreneurs, and so on.

The academy's Professional Certificate Program, teaches disciplines like: body percussion, keyboard harmony, improvisation, harmony, melodic reading & writing and rhythmic reading & writing. Its 'Main Instruments Curriculum' complements these courses with: Bass & lead guitar, Piano, Vocals, Drums, Mbira, Percussion and Marimba. Important disciplines such as Music Business, Sound Engineering, Music and Event Management are also included in the certificate program. All courses are held at the academy, which is equipped with state-of-the-art musical instruments and sound labs. Finally, the Music Crossroads Academy engages its students in community outreach programs promoting interaction, exchange and networking among young talented musicians from different countries. Through the academy, students also have the chance to visit organisations for under-privileged young mothers and children who also share a passion for music.

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Music Crossroads Mozambique
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