Widely recognized as the "Queen of Singeli," Mimah is a versatile artist proficient in singing, songwriting, and dancing within the Singeli music genre. Mimah embarked on her musical journey in 2017 as a member of the Wamoto Music Group, operating under the banner of Uswazi Born Talents. Collaborating with fellow members K-MZIWANDA and DOTIZO, the group produced notable tracks like "SALIO," "HUNA MAAJABU," and "UNA BWANA HUNA."

Taking the spotlight as a solo artist signed under the music label KANDORO BABA ENTERTAINMENT in 2020, she made her official debut with the single "NATAMBA NAE," marking her entry into the music industry and introducing her to a wider audience. Her subsequent releases include captivating tracks like "WAKISHUA," "WIVU," "WAJUMBE NOMA," "HOMA IMEWAPANDA," "UNITUE," "UTAMU," "NATUMA," "KAOGE," "WABAYA," "MAMA DULLA," and "MAPENZI." One track that particularly stood out is "NAPUYANGA," further cementing her popularity. All these releases were brought to life under the Kandoro Baba Entertainment label. Distinguished by her exceptional talent and unique style, Mimah stands as a trailblazing figure in the Singeli music realm, achieving remarkable success in a genre that resonates deeply with her. Her remarkable distinction lies in her commitment to Singeli, setting her apart from other music genres.

Mimah has graced numerous prominent national and international festivals, including noteworthy appearances at events like Muziki Mnene, KoMaa Concert, Serengeti Festival, Bagamoyo Festival, and Singeli Festi. She has also been an esteemed guest artist at festivals organized by esteemed foreign institutions such as the Goethe Institute Art Space. Presently, as a prized artist under the KANDORO ENTERTAINMENT and USWAZI BORN TALENTS banners, Mimah reigns as one of the most accomplished performers in the Singeli music sphere. Her recent crowning achievement includes being recognized as the finest female Singeli artist at the Tanzania Music Awards for the years 2022-2023, solidifying her stature as the reigning Singeli Queen. Furthermore, she currently holds a distinguished role as one of the esteemed judges in the "WAREMBO NA SANAA" project, an initiative led by USWAZI BORN TALENT.



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