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Ményatšô Mathôlê is one of South Africa's most prolific guitarists started his career as a musician at an early age with his self-made tin guitar in the Free State. At 15 he met visited famous drummer Dimape who nurtured and helped, boosted his musical career. His guitar playing skills were further developed through performances with more prominent and established artists - including renowned flautist Lemmy Mabaso, and Mr Township Zakes Nkosi, and later co-founded three groups with fellow musicians.

One of the highlights of his fledgling career included performances at famous nightclubs, including the Pelican in Soweto which often featured inspiring jazz musicians and helped expose the artists and their sounds to local jazz/ mbaqanga and followers of mbaqanga and traditional sounds.

He recorded and produced six albums plus a maxi album with SAKHILE, collaborating with the innovative afro-fusion jazz band in cultural exchange programs internationally and locally. In 1991 the Menyatso-founded band Sakhile commemorated the band's 10th anniversary at Wembley Stadium with a highly successful international celebration of Nelson Mandela's release, Menyatso would later enrol with the University of Cape Town to study and subsequently collaborate with several top musicians from all over the country.


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Ményatšô Mathôlê

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