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Mega Snupe real name Nkosa’phasi Branden Mdluli is a rising star in the world of contemporary hip hop, his music is a stunning blend of emotional depth and trap-infused melodies. Hailing from Johannesburg in Tembisa, Mega Snupe discovered his passion for music at an early age. From writing verses in his bedroom to performing at local talent shows, he honed his skills and developed a signature style that blends introspective storytelling with infectious hooks. His ability to seamlessly switch between smooth melodies and rapid-fire rhymes showcases his versatility and sets him apart from his peers.

Boasting an impressive career spanning a decade, Mega Snupe has consistently delivered captivating music that pushes boundaries and defies genre limitations. Mega Snupe's lyrics cut through the noise, leaving an indelible impact on anyone who listens.
With influences ranging from the late Xxxtentacion to Future, Mega Snupe's music encompasses a wide range of emotions and experiences.

With his most recent album, "Trap Melody (2023)," Mega Snupe, has been creating waves in the music business. This much awaited album confirms Mega Snupe's status as a rising talent in the Contemporary Hip Hop genre by showcasing his distinctive approach and intriguing poetry.

As Mega Snupe's talent gained recognition, he began making waves in the hip hop scene. His impressive accomplishments include a string of successful singles, four of them are titled "Eiye (2022)," "Anxious (2023)," "With You (2023)," and the spirited "Energy (2022)." Each song exemplifies Mega Snupe's artistic vision, offering listeners intense beats and thought-provoking lyrics.. Each release showcases his versatility as he effortlessly transitions between catchy hooks and introspective verses.

Currently, Mega Snupe is working on two highly anticipated projects: "Pressure On Purpose" and "Sad Boy Melody 2" These albums promise to further solidify his unique style and elevate his status within the industry. With his signature blend of melodic trap beats and introspective storytelling, Mega Snupe is set to captivate audiences and push the boundaries of contemporary hip hop.

As he continues to evolve as an artist, Mega Snupe remains committed to staying true to his roots and connecting with his fans on a deeper level. His music serves as a reflection of his own journeys and experiences, providing a voice for those who can relate to his struggles and triumphs. With an undeniable talent and an unwavering dedication to his craft, Mega Snupe is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of hip hop.


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