Mechanic Manyeruke


Mechanic Manyeruke is a gospel artist from Harare, Zimbabwe.

Born on 16 August 1942 in Gweru, Manyeruke is one of the greatest veteran gospel musicians in the country. He attended St Patrick's Primary School in Gweru. Manyeruke developed a passion for music in 1956 when he was a student at St Patrick’s. Before venturing into music, he started off as a domestic worker in Borrowdale, a leafy surburb in Harare. He joined the Salvation Army band and performed at the Borrowdale Racecourse for a Christmas festival. The event further developed his passion for music. His high school friend bought him a guitar and he began learning how to play the instrument.

In 1984, he released his debut album ‘Zakewu’. He has released more than 20 albums. Some of popular tracks include ‘Moses Murenje’, ‘Rudo serwaPeter’, ‘Madhimoni’ and ‘Makoroto’ amongst others. Some of his albums are ‘Zakewu’, ‘Ari Mandiri Jesu’, ‘Mabasa’, ‘Ndeyeiko Nyaya’, ‘Siyabonga Baba’, ‘Varombo Pamweya’, ‘Mwari Ishe Wazvose’ and ‘Muchandiziva Here’.

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Mechanic Manyeruke
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