My names are ATEWE ENOMA, commonly known by my stage name MARCELINO, I was born on the 22TH june at Benin City (Edo state). I’m the second son of my Father, While growing up, I was seriously in love with music and my sister ISOKEN makes me really know the worlds, mentally and morally. In fact if you listen to my songs you will understand how I feel inside, most of my inspirations to write my successful songs were generated from my true life story. Me and my brother OSAMEDE ATEWE PRINCE pass hill through life was not that easy, and my parents was the best parents in the world but Oluwa was kind to us, I attended OLUA primary school, and Linders secondary school in Edo state, to proceed my musical career right from Nigerian, professionally in Europe. Q2: YOUR SONG DEBUT SINGLE (EVERYWHERE PEPPER SOUP)" WAS A HUGE SUCCESS, HOW DID YOU REACT TO THIS? "EVERYWHERE PEPPER SOUP" in English dialect means (EVERYTHINGS IS GOOD) like I said earlier, everything that has happened to me will be converted to music, to create awareness within my environs and beyond, probably many persons might also have been a victim, for the highlife genre music catapulted to stardom globally, that means it was consequential. The income actually generated from that song royalty was much, I needed to send lot of Orphans to school, by the grace of God, and I will be giving back consecutively to my community. Q3: WHAT STIRRED YOUR INTEREST IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY? I have always been a music lover from childhood , my situation wasn’t published to the world, I guessed music should be my social tool to spread the news of all that I’ve passed through in life and every social ills around my nation must be sang with. Q4: HOW HAS THE JOURNEY BEEN SO FAR? Well entertainment journey hasn’t be easy, especially for Afrobeat and Dancehall act like me in Europe or in Nigeria our home Land. But my believe is that recently, my generation is more exposed in Music than the era of King My talent has paid notable recognitions and elevated my financial status at least, though Grammy Award is on the way coming, for now I have only received couple of awards, firstly from the talent show, organized by The Berlin inter school music competition and academy award in Germany, I won as Best second runner up at the competition in yeah 2017. God's grace another award from Nigeria Community Munich-Germany for Best Afrobeat music new act of the Year 2019 with EVERYWHERE PEPPER SOUP, and THE VOICE ACHIEVERS AWARD 2019 Q5: HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY WHEN YOU STARTED? I will say, talent is no more the key to a successful breakthrough in the entertainment industry, in most cases your wallet will make mainstream record labels discover you. Q6: AS AN AWARD WINNING SONG WRITER, WHERE DO YOU THINK NIGERIAN ARTISTES SHOULD PAY ATTENTION? Well i think...

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