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Divine Fondo was born in 1979 in Cameroon where he attended his secondary and high school. He moved to Italy where he had his first degree and he is presently in USA. The American -African artist better known by his stage name Marc Eric is a hip hop rapper, songwriter, Record producer and entrepreneur. Apart from all these he loves reading and long tennis. He strives to become an outstanding and successful man in the world of music. He is the founder of today and tomorrow American records in American and Cameroon. He reflects a varied personality including ambitions and the qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness. He is also a well determined and vigorous person yet pleasantly calm. He encourages fighting for what you wish and believe in and doing it though the help of God because nothing good comes easy but with God everything is possible. After spending time producing for artists like Jojo American and John Boys, he was not contented being a backroom player. He wants to be the headline act since he has the skills. He started singing as hobby in clubs along doing business. It was not until June 2017 that he made the leap to the next of his professional career as a musician. He is keen to point out that everything he listens, sees and feels directs his musical development in some way. He has released the following albums “IN LOVE” Obsession" "party time" which are now available in all the music platforms.



In Love by Marc Eric
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Divine Fondo

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