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AMAN HAMISI KIBWAGALE also known as MAN FONGO is Tanzanian SINGELI singer, writer and Dancer. MAN FONGO was born on 15TH FEBRUARY,1992 in DAR ES SALAAM region, He entered music as a dj of street music in 2006 popularly known as vigodoro, then by 2010 he officially started singing SINGELI music and his first single was called SIMUAMINI MGANGA “I DON'T BELIEVE A WITCH DOCTOR”. After releasing his first single he released a second single called POLICE BABYLON and many more but during this period he was still unpopular even though on the street people started getting to know him through various street concerts. 2016 was Man Fongo's most successful year when he released a single that officially introduced him inside and outside Tanzania titled HAINAGA USHEMEJI, which made him the first Singeli music artist to top various music charts and reach number one on various radio and television stations. Man fongo is also the first SINGELI artist to win an award in Tanzania, when he won the Best Upcoming Artist award at the 2016 EATV Awards.
He currently holds the record for being the first artist to introduce SINGELI to main stream as well as becoming a SINGELI artist who was paid the highest paid for one show and the first SINGELI artist to perform outside Tanzania when he went to INDIA.

TZDar es Salaam, Tanzania
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