Ma dengn Beach Festival


The Ma dengn Beach Festival is an annual event in taking place in Sierra Leone.

According to its organisers, it was "conceived out of a collective need to celebrate and promote our Sierra Leonean culture, through music, the arts, literature, cuisine and our beautiful terrain...

"The vision for the beach festival is to have a dynamic interaction between performers and audience, with a variety of staged performances ranging from international and local contemporary and traditional musicians/dancers, to our infamous masquerade performances from secret societies such as Hunting and Paddle, to an exposure to Sierra Leonean literature through short skits and dramatic poetry.

"There will also be a good display of the arts and crafts, which will be for sale and educational purposes, and an opportunity to taste tantalizing local cuisine. The beach setting will create a unique backdrop to such an event that will only enhance the enjoyment of the audience. The aim is to tap into the four corners of Sierra Leone to bring to the festival a diverse representation of our arts and culture, which will be a true showcase of the entire country."

SLFreetown, Sierra Leone


Ma dengn Beach Festival
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