Born Lila Carol Mataya, Lilia is a young female musician from Malawi. She developed a passion for music at a tender age 7 when she realised she had a voice for singing. She attended Blaila Secondary School in Lilongwe where she used to record her music with Sungunu Crew. While doing her Form 4, she released a single called 'home' together with Canny One.

Her music is defined in jazz and soul genres. She became known in the entertainment circles when she made an appearance on Blasto's song ‘Got You’. She also featured on Young Kay's album ‘Celebrated’. Shortly afterwards, she recorded and released a her solo projects namely ‘Count Your Blessings’ and 'Hold Me'.

She has worked with a number of artists such as Sonye, Gwamba, Dominant 1, DJ Slay, Complex and many others.

MWLilongwe, Malawi


Jazz Life Entertainment
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