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Leo Mike discovered his rapping talent at 14. He did not take it seriously until he was 16, when he was a form two student in Upper Hill School Nairobi. He used to perform his written pieces in the school functions. The support he received from his school mates encouraged him to grow musically.

He was also initiated into a local rap group-Freakazoids late 2011 but he shortly fell out of the group. This was because of his Christian faith and his urge to continue with Christian music.

His religious conviction led him into Gospel music. Over the years he also learnt guitar and performed a few times in Church, singing and playing the guitar. In 2014, he went on to record a track, ‘Almost There’, which he’s known well for ,done quite well on his reverb page, on Mdundo and his Soundcloud channel with a significant number of plays and downloads.

He has worked with T412 a Kenyan Christian Hip-hop group, Gifted Psalms and a number of other artists, ‘Kushoto Kulia’ being his latest. He continues to spread Gospel music through his music and inspiring his fellow Christian friends.


KENairobi, Kenya
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Leo Mike

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