Lake Turkana Cultural Festival


Lake Turkana Cultural Festival is an essential event in Kenya's annual event calendar.

The festival takes place every year at Loiyangalani tow in Marsabit County. The event is co-organized by the County government of Marsabit, local community festival committee, Kenya Tourism Board, National Museums of Kenya and Kenya Wildlife Service.

The festival encapsulates the traditional knowledge, beliefs, and values of communities in Marsabit County. This annual event provides an opportunity to travel to explore Northern Kenya and enjoy myriad of colorful cultures while discovering treasures of the region.

The presentation of the customs and living conditions of the twelve tribes, their spectacular traditional costumes, arts and crafts, dances and music is a unique and fascinating experience – in particular in light of the stunning geographical characteristics and the limited general knowledge about the Lake Turkana and Marsabit County.


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Galmo Boru
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