Kutinya Arts and GIAMARI (SA)


Kutinya Arts is an arts institute in Zimbabwe. One stop leading marimba factory of our time. 1) Marimba Manufacturing with variety of designs for exports 2) Marimba repairs improvements and tuning 3) Marimba bands for hire 4) Coaching and grooming of teachers 5) Management and training schools marimba bands 6) International Marimba Exchange Programs for Schools and Educational Institutions 7) Consultancy services for marimba festivals 8) African Musical Instruments including mbira, djembe, shakers and drums https://giamari.co.za/


We are the leading manufacturers of top quality hypersonic marimbas. We have a rich background of experience & information in arranging marimba exchange programs for schools around the world. https://giamari.co.za/

ZWHarare, Zimbabwe
In operation since: 

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