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Seane David was born(10 May 1996) Mafikeng in Ramosadi Village. He is well known by his stage name King-Teezy He started being a rapper when he was 16 years and he was in grade 10 at Leteane Secondary School in 2013. In 2014 he released his first studio debt Mixtape titled "Let them talk (L.T.T)". king Teezy released single track Titled:(R.I.P)E xpendable fam in 2015, that's when he was recognized and followed by many people. He is the one who produced this beef track. He released another track called "No more beef" to make peace with Expendable fam and Crazy fellas. He worked with different local artists like Ceezah ( rapper and composer), Master R,Ferdy, Crazy flax,Lirical BuuH and Boyzn. He started with his first performance at Pinky House in 2015 before he left cash flow crew. In 2016 he started his own crew by the name "The Predators" , with crazy flax and 2ways. Earlier in 2017 King Teezy,Ceezsh & Ferdy opened studio "Klippa Records" Then he released his His second mixtape entitled"Bouncing in(mixtape)" First track of his mixtape" Made local labels want to sign him but he refused And he said "I cant sign a recording deal that I'll gain less" Then king teezy released a track titled "Im the best" featuring Zimbabwean rappers "Jaybee Moola & Flexxy T" So he said that he will release his fist ep this year "Dreams and Reality",his song Chase Your Dream has been doing well in radio stations like mahikeng fm & Kopanon fm,Even topped chart at "Kopanong fm top 10 local chart" the whole month King Teezy released first song titled "Chase Your Dream",He met with Blaklez on 12 May 2019 and he gave him his Album/Ep and Blaklez was impressed King Teezy released his album/ep(17 December 2019) and it's been doing well in all digital platforms

ZAMafikeng, South Africa
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