The KeyJ Foundation was established by Chantal Daniels, mother of Kian Jordan Daniels, to honour his legacy. Kian tragically gained his wings on 18 April 2021. He was just 17 years old, with a bright future. The inspiration behind KEYJ and its message relates back to Kian, also known as DJ- KEYJ who was a talented musician, drummer, and DJ – it was therefore fitting that music would be at the heart of the foundation. It gave him much joy as a DJ to perform to people, to express himself through music.

The KEYJ FOUNDATION was formally registered on 22 April 2022. Our board consists of 3 women, each contributing a broad set of skills and huge commitment. Recognising the need and opportunity to make a difference in the lives of youth and helping to find opportunities for the support of talent and career growth. We are assisted by an additional support of selfless and community focused individuals.
The Foundation aims to
• to support the upliftment of young adults, through music therapy, education, and awareness
• to organise music-related initiatives, events, and platforms for young musicians to express themselves through music
• to promote and support mental wellness and stability

ZACape Town, South Africa
In operation since: 


Chantal Daniels