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Founded in early 2007, Ketebul Music was established with the ambitious vision to carry out research and promote the diverse fusion of traditional sounds of Kenya and East Africa through the documentation and archiving of the work of musicians who have shaped the various genres of music from the region over the past six decades. In broader terms, intensive research carried out by Ketebul Music involves the musicians themselves, their families, industry players such as producers and promoters, media personalities and the market audience.

Memorable archiving is achieved through intensive academic research reports released along with a market-friendly package from each phase of research. The package comprises of a shorter, but succinct, popular version of the academic report and is contained in an attractively designed booklet. To reinforce it is an audio CD featuring re-releases of previous recordings along with a video documentary carrying intensive interviews, analyses, stage performances and archive footage.

The organisation specialise in both traditional and contemporary African music, with an emphasis on live recorded instruments as opposed to sequenced sounds. They believe in keeping the music as authentic and organic as possible.

Ketebul Music has its studios in the GoDown Arts Centre; it also boasts two fully equipped analogue and digital studios. The is made up of people with varied knowledge and skills in the wider field of arts and culture and with a track record.

The organisation recently ventured into video production. They specialize in research based documentaries, on the origins and development or traditional sounds, music, and culture of East Africa. These documentaries form part of the cultural archives that Ketebul Music is in the process of establishing. Through this audio visual archive, Ketebul Music will process and store material on the origins and development East African music genres.

KENairobi, Kenya


Ketebul Music Archives
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