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Kefiloe Molefe is a seasoned music industry professional with a remarkable journey at Sheer Publishing (Pty) Ltd. Having joined the esteemed creative team at Sheer Publishing in 2007, Kefiloe has steadily climbed the ranks to assume the prestigious role of Head of A&R. This journey reflects a profound dedication to the organization's growth and success. 

Kefiloe's versatile career at Sheer Publishing encompasses various critical roles, including copyright administrator, client liaison, copyright manager, and gospel department manager, each contributing to a rich and diverse skill set. The elevation to Head of A&R underscores a keen eye for talent and an innate ability to identify and nurture musical excellence. 

A member of the Management committee, Kefiloe has exhibited exceptional negotiation skills, securing agreements with acclaimed South African songwriters and artists, such as Brenda Mtambo, Aubrey Qwana, and Bucie, among others, solidifying Sheer Publishing's reputation as a powerhouse in the industry. 

Kefiloe's commitment to professional growth is evident in their academic pursuits, with qualifications in music business management from Music Interakt and the Department of Arts and Culture (2004-2006), as well as Communication Science from the University of South Africa (2018). 

Beyond the office, Kefiloe's influence extends to the broader African music landscape, where they have been a distinguished panelist at prominent music conferences like the All White Gospel Music Conference, Abuja Gospel Music Conference, Midem in Cape Town, and Harare Music Festival of the Arts, among others. Additionally, Kefiloe has been sought after for workshops at renowned events such as the South African Music Awards (SAMA) Music Publishing Workshop, Bakgatla Ba Kgafela Music Business Workshop, and Women In Music Workshop, among others. 

Furthermore, Kefiloe actively contributes to the industry by serving as an observer on the Music Publishers Association of South Africa board, exemplifying a commitment to the growth and development of the music publishing sector. 

In summary, Kefiloe Molefe is an industry luminary, a testament to Sheer Publishing's legacy, and a driving force in shaping the future of music in South Africa and beyond. 

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