Juma Tutu and the Swahili Jazz Band


Juma Tutu grew up in a musical family in the coastal town of Mombasa and took interest in learning musical instruments in 1998 as a form four student at the Tudor Day High School.

His main interest was in the saxophone but was also well conversant with drums. Upon completion of his O levels, his late father requested his friends for an opportunity for him to join their band and the opportunity to improve his musical skills. He was enrolled at Generations Band, which was one of the most prominent bands in Mombasa.

Muhammad Amin was his main mentor and shared lots of knowledge and material with him. In 2000 Juma joined Bango Sounds, since he was highly inspired by Mzee Ngala, one of the greatest saxophonists in the Coast. In September 2000 Juma joined Wazalendo Band where for the first time he played as the main saxophonist till early 2001 when he got the chance to join the Mushrooms band.

In 2003 Juma received sponsorship from an international businessman, Albert Attias, to purchase band equipment and he started the Tutu band which he later re-branded to Juma Tutu and The Swahili Jazz Band in 2012.


COVID 19 has us all locked in and performance venues are in accessible. I will be premiering songs we recorded live on YouTube. Already released Yarabi and Ndoto. Tonight at 21:30 (+3GMT) we will be premiering Nakupenda Kama Sukari.



KEMombasa, Kenya
In operation since: 


Juma Abdallah
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