Juma Tutu and the Swahili Jazz Band


Juma Abdallah Atibu and the Swahili Jazz Band.

His interest in music started early influenced by his father who was a prominent and popular musician. Juma learned to play different musical instruments including percussion, drums and keyboards, but his passion and instrument of choice is the saxophone.

After completing his high school studies in 1998 Juma joined Generations Band on the recommendation of his father who wanted him to hone his musical skills. Juma credits the then band leader Muhammad Amin, a friend to his father, as being one of his earliest mentors who passed a lot of musical knowledge on to him.

In 2000 Juma went on to join the famed and much beloved Bango Sounds of the legendary Mzee Ngala. Being a renowned and experienced saxophonist himself, Mzee Ngala was a big influence and inspiration to Juma’s sound and playing style.

Later that same year Juma Tutu was recruited as the main saxophonist by the Wazalendo Band. The following year in 2001 he was again recruited by Them Mushrooms. Juma states that this was his biggest break at the time because Them Mushrooms were a household name and a very busy and active band. While in Nairobi Juma also took up teaching where he taught music, specifically saxophone playing.

In 2003 Juma received sponsorship to purchase musical equipment from one of his saxophone students, business man Albert Attias. This inspired Juma to start his own band whom he called The Tutu Band.

The Tutu Band went on to become popular and performed at numerous local functions like weddings and at hotels and corporate functions. In 2004 they travelled to South Africa as the backing band for Kenyan reggae sensation, the late Mighty King kong. On their return, they took up a two year residency at the Village Market Mall and Serena Hotel.

Juma Tutu was nominated as a finalist of the inaugural Spotlight on Kenyan Music program in 2005. He recorded and released his song Sukari as part of the Spotlight on Kenyan Music volume 1 compilation. Sukari became a Kenyan anthem and cemented Juma’s name in the Kenyan Music Industry. It brought his unique sound to the limelight and earned him high profile performances and recognition. Inspired by this new found fame Juma went on to record his debut album titled Kimombasa in which he pays homage to the Swahili culture practiced in his home city of Mombasa. The album was released in 2008.

In 2010 Juma Tutu and The Tutu Band teamed up with another Spotlight on Kenyan Music alumni Makadem for a series of shows and performances which included Makadem’s performance at the Sauti za Busara Festival in Zanzibar.

In the same year, Juma was recruited as the Band Leader and Musical Director for the Safaricom Live Project, a project that saw him tour the country and perform with various top Kenyan and regional artistes for the following two years. In 2012, Safaricom rebranded the project as Niko na Safaricom and renewed their relationship with...


Nimezama - Juma Tutu + Nafsi Huru ft Tatu Abdalla (Official Audio)
Lipi Usiloweza by Juma Tutu ft Tatu Abdalla
LiveAt The Alliance francaise Nairobi
Mishoni One on One with Juma Tutu
Live On Feel Good Friday on KTN Home.

COVID 19 has us all locked in and performance venues are in accessible. I will be premiering songs we recorded live on YouTube. Already released Yarabi and Ndoto. Tonight at 21:30 (+3GMT) we will be premiering Nakupenda Kama Sukari.


Nimezama - Juma Tutu + Nafsi Huru ft Tatu Abdalla (Official Audio)
Lipi Usiloweza by Juma Tutu ft Tatu Abdalla
Huku na huku [Official Audio Release]
Live On Feel Good Friday on KTN Home.
Live at the "Showcase Wednesday" At Alliance Francaise Nairobi.
Ya Rabi
Safaricom jazz festival 2015 SUKARI
Juma Tutu thrilling Guests at a wedding in Nairobi.
Juma Tutu working out the bridal party and guests at a wedding.
Sukari Live at the Godown Gig 2018
Makande - Juma Tutu ft Jimmy Dludlu
Tabu and Harusi.
Mishoni One on One with Juma Tutu
Juma Tutu
Juma Tutu,Swahili Jazz band and Nafsi Huru
Juma Tutu and The Swahili jazz band
LiveAt The Alliance francaise Nairobi
Undugu & Sukari Juma Tutu
Juma Tutu Nakupenda kama sukari Videoclip 2



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