Jenkins Mukasa


Jenkins as he’s popularly known goes way back in the 1990’s but not as a solo artist but as part of Black Roots, a Reggae group that conquered the music fraternity during those days. As one person who has seen the music industry grow over time, Jenkins has played a key role in nurturing young talent through various shows he has taken part of especially those concerning the music industry.

The reggae ace is yet again back with a full twelve track album that has songs ranging from Reggea, Love songs and Gospel with hits like Ndiwuwo, Nze Akwagala, Beera Mugumu feat Tickie Tah, Guno Omukwano, Gila Tugende feat Black Roots Unlimited, Osobola Otya (Originally done by the late Philly Bongole Lutaya), Njo, Otenderezebwe, Gwe Wange, Munonya, Gwenaganza, and Ndi Wuwo feat Monitor.

The songs are a blend of Luganda, English and Swahili thus aiming at conquering the East African Region. Some of the songs of the album retain the harmonious and melodic experience people encounter through the journey of life.

To those Reggae lovers, this is just the album you’ve been waiting for in a very long time as it contains a lot of maturity in the beats, lyrics and the tone of the voice.
Unlike other Reggae artists who just strive to keep consistence in the music industry, Jenkins strives at delivering different messages in this album.

In the redone version of Osobola Otya, Jenkins talks of his musical journey and how he attributes his talent to God and he goes ahead to mention about all his Black Roots colleagues as well as other notable artists about his history.

UGKampala, Uganda


Jenkins Mukasa
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