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Jared Mombinya is an artist from Kenya.

Jared Ochanda Mombinya,popurarly referred to as Mombinya is a musician from East Africa,Kenya.Hailing from the Western parts of the country,the county of Nyamira,Jared Mombinya is well known for his profound expertise of playing Obokano and singing alongside the eight stringed instrument.

Mombinya was born on June 27, 1987,in the village of Gesure,Manga District;and growing up in the villages,he fell in love with the Obokano,at a younger and hearing his grandfather play it occasionally,he became excited in knowing how to play and sing alongside it.
His grandfather,Ochanda took it to his responsibility to train Mombinya after realising the passion and the talent in him.

It is after this that Mombinya joined music festivals in schools,and using his skill was able to take his school's upto national levels and in all occasions.

After graduating from secondary school in 2007,Jared Mombinya decided to venture into the music industry, something that he said was very hard at the time considering the fact that the residents and media in general never took the obokano musicians and local artistes seriosly at the time.

To begin making a name for himself,Mombinya went into their tea farm,and convinced his mother that she would allow him to solely pluck tea and sell,so as to raise capital for a speaker and a microphone.

Mombinya could wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning and go into the farm,plucking tea up until the whole day.This went on consecutively until 5 months down the line,when the villagers began gossiping that he was going to become sick over such a sacrifice.

At the time tea was only twenty shillings a kilogram, and therefore,it took him six months to raise money enough to buy a single mixer and a speaker which he could use to resume his career.

With no money for motorcycle,Mombinya depended only on wellwishers and friends,whom sometimes would get tired of him leading to his walking from home to the market place where he would go on to entertain the locals in an attempt to make a name for himself and create a fanbase.

It is at this various market places that people began discovering his talent.It is here also that Mombinya met friends of the same interest,with whom he says would join him but later on left out to pursue other careers after the realisation of how difficult the struggle was.

Mombinya kept moving on,only depending on the little capital that came from the tea farm for the upkeep of the day to day activities,praying that one day,people will discover his talent and call him to their various festivals and in in this case,wedding and government occasions.

In the early 2014,Mombinya met with a veteran local musician,who saw his talent and promised to take him to the studio and have his music recorded.Therefore,in the following year,he was able to record and release his first full recorded studio album dubbed,'Mombinya Classic'.

Through the help from the studio and the already available fanbase in...


My Autobiography as narrated ��
Bwatesia Hon.Gisairo(Engoko) By Jared Mombinya
A Gusii Obokano Traditional Song By Jared Mombinya
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Jared Mombinya
Corona Song
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Mombinya ClassicTv
Jared Mombinya _HANDSHAKE


My Autobiography as narrated ��
Bwatesia Hon.Gisairo(Engoko) By Jared Mombinya
A Gusii Obokano Traditional Song By Jared Mombinya
Abagusii Traditional Culture Song by Jared Mombinya
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