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What do you get when you take the music of one of the most exciting new composers of neo-classical music and combine it with 14 of the best classical / contemporary musicians SA has to offer…

Blautöne Orchestra...
Blautöne Orchestra is dedicated to the performance of Jacques Rautenbach's music on stage and in studio. This new generation classical music features some of the best South African musicians as well as acclaimed international soloists and promises to be a life changing musical experience not to be missed…

Jacques’ music has been infiltrating the Classical Music market since the release of his debut album “Shades of Blue” in 2016, and has since then been featuring on Classic FM, Fine Music Radio, RSG, as well as various radio stations in SA and internationally from Romania to Australia and Uzbekistan to Netherlands. Seven of Jacques’s music videos is also airing on South African television and “Dark Soul” was recently picked up by an international music video channel.

We are coming to music stages all over the world, whether you have a small theatre or a huge stadium to entertain our show offers a wide variety of genres, from dance, rock&roll, baroque, acoustic, movie themes, ballads & instrumental, so your whole family will be entertained.

Blautöne has some incredible contemporary musicians, from the featuring award-winning violinist Lizelle Le Roux, Multiple platinum Producer/guitarist Johan Rautenbach, the legendary Andrew Roman on bass and drumming extraordinaire Andries Visser.

The other classical players include Themba Mashobane (from the acclaimed Soweto String Quartet) on Cello

Pieter Smal who is an accomplished composer himself and a incredible pianist. Hana Wahl-Yim a very well know violin player with extensive orchestra and solo playing experience who joins us on 1st Violins. Other Johannesburg Philharmonic star players include Judith Klins on viola, Shannon Armer on French Horn. Gauteng Symphony Orchestra is also well represented with the french studied Olivier Barrier on Oboe / Duduk & English Horn, Renee Hartzenberg on Flute and Freiderike Scholtz on 2nd Violin as well as the marvelous Louise Kriek on vocals, but don’t get the wrong idea, this is not a classical music recital.

Blautöne is a stage, lighting, & multimedia extravaganza that will tickle all your senses…

In a show of musical excellence, drama & comedy it guarantees to take you on a musical journey you will not forget...


Agnus Dei - (Christmas 2023) Jacques Rautenbach ft Rian Swanepoel & Evert v Niekerk
3 Aitsa Musiek Toekenning Nominasies... Dankie @pretoriafm2550
Jacques Rautenbach -Live (Promotional Video)
Impromptu Six (Till we meet again - Piano Version) - Jacques Rautenbach


Agnus Dei - (Christmas 2023) Jacques Rautenbach ft Rian Swanepoel & Evert v Niekerk
3 Aitsa Musiek Toekenning Nominasies... Dankie @pretoriafm2550
Jacques Rautenbach -Live (Promotional Video)
Impromptu Six (Till we meet again - Piano Version) - Jacques Rautenbach
Take Me Home - Jacques Rautenbach (ft: GT Oliver)
My Christmas Wish - Jacques Rautenbach (Official Music Video)
I've Fallen for You - Jacques Rautenbach & @Must.Be.Megs #jacquesrautenbach #dancemusic #EDM
Impromptu Five
O Come Let Us Adore Him - Jacques Rautenbach & Friends (ft Evert van Niekerk)
(Remix ) स्वर आत्मा | Swar Aatma (Soul of Music) - Jacques Rautenbach -feat M Shome | V Parshotam
स्वर आत्मा | Swar Aatma (Soul of Music) - J Rautenbach -feat M Shome | A Zeitlin | V Parshotam |
स्वर आत्मा | Swar Aatma
Score Relief Competition 2021 #scorerelief2021 #thecuetube - Scored by Jacques Rautenbach
O Come Let Us Adore Him - Jacques Rautenbach & Friends
Jacques Rautenbach - Impromptu Four (Oh come let us adore Him) -Cover
A Thousand Years - Priscilla Smith (Christina Perri Cover) / Unplugged
What If (From Eastern Expanse) Jacques Rautenbach
Fire from "African Spirit" EP- Jacques Rautenbach
Rage - Jacques Rautenbach (Ft Lizelle Le Roux & G R A A F F)
Avalanche - Jacques Rautenbach (ft Lizelle Le Roux)
(Cover) Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah - Megan Rautenbach & Jacques Rautenbach
Eastern Expanse: Preview "It's out there" - Jacques Rautenbach
African Spirit - Earth - Jacques Rautenbach
Impromptu Three - Jacques Rautenbach
Impromptu Two (Forbidden Love Unplugged) - Jacques Rautenbach
Impromptu One (Time Traveller) - Jacques Rautenbach
Away from Here - Jacques Rautenbach
The Lockdown Blues - Jacques Rautenbach ft Evert van Niekerk, Susan Mouton & Shannon Armer
Lauren Daigle - Rebel Heart (Cover by) - Megan Rautenbach
Ballad Nr19 in Bb - Jacques Rautenbach (Tipjar Project with Johan Rautenbach & Andrew Roman)
Ed Sheeran (Cover) Perfect - Ryan Hoffmann, Megan & Amani Rautenbach
The Last Dance-Jacques Rautenbach
Negev Enhle - Jacques Rautenbach (ft Ariella Zetilin) Violin Like That
Jacques Rautenbach - Negev Enhle (ft Ariella Zeitlin)
Jacques Rautenbach - New Day
Jacques Rautenbach - Going Home (ft Evert van Niekerk & Matthys Maree)
Jacques Rautenbach - Desert Walk (Cho'l Yurishi)
Jacques Rautenbach - On My Way (ft Evert van Niekerk)
Dreamers Lullaby - Jacques Rautenbach
Jacques Rautenbach - Dreams Go By (ft: Lizelle Le Roux)
Jacques Rautenbach - The Dream Giver (Violin Solo) ft: Lizelle Le Roux
The Storm Inside - Jacques Rautenbach (Official Music Video)
Song for Coenie de Villiers - Jacques Rautenbach (ft Coenie de Villiers & Lizet Smit )
Jacques Rautenbach - Never Ending Love (Official Music Video) ft Lizelle Le Roux
Forgiveness - Jacques Rautenbach (Official video) ft - Evert van Niekerk
Jacques Rautenbach - Dark Soul / "Ets La Llum" (ft Damien Richards)
The Making of "Death Becomes Me" album by Jacques Rautenbach
Jacques Rautenbach | The Joker (Official Music Video)
The Dream Giver - Jacques Rautenbach (ft Lizelle Le Roux) Official Music Video
Jacques Rautenbach - Amsterdam Turmoil (Official Music Video)
Jacques Rautenbach - Beauty of a Soul (Official Music Video)
Jacques Rautenbach - February 2018
Jacques Rautenbach - November 2017 Blog
Bethel Music - No Longer Slaves (Classical arr Jacques Rautenbach)
Jacques Rautenbach - Broken Spirit (ft Susan Mouton) From album "Shades of my Soul"
Broken Spirit - Jacques Rautenbach (ft Susan Mouton)
Jacques Rautenbach -The Changes Within (Official Video)
Belinda Bronner - Psalm 84 (Offisiele Musiekvideo)
Belinda Bronner & Vriende - Gebed vir ons land
Cry for Africa - Written by Jacques Rautenbach ft-Lizelle le Roux
Priscilla Smith Smoorverlief
Jacques Rautenbach on Learndrums.co.za


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