International Centre for Training in the Performing Arts (CIFAS)


International Centre for Training in the Performing Arts (CIFAS) is a nonprofit association that has been active for nearly 40 years in the field of artistic training and continuing education. It is subsidised by the Brussels French-speaking Public Service - Culture budget, to the amount of €168,000 per year, and benefits from an ACS job and one-off revenues.

In order to achieve its objectives, CIFAS has developed various actions in recent years, including :

1. Training workshops for professional artists and continuing education for adults; Meetings, symposiums and conferences on various artistic and social themes such as Art Facing Terror, Art and Care, The Imaginaries of Ecology, Migration, Emotions, etc.

2. Creative and/or participatory projects in the public space.

3. Artists' publications.

4. International cooperation on artistic projects (Creative Europe and Erasmus+ programmes).

5.Active collaborations with various festivals, including the Free School of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. Creation and production of artworks.

BEBrussels, Belgium
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