Henry Cowell Collection of Non-commercial Recordings (New York Public Library)


The Henry Cowell Collection of Non-commercial Recordings is a collection of recordings reflecting varied interests; they include Cowell’s works, and other composers such as John J. Becker, Paul Hindemith, and Igor Stravinsky, and folk and world music from places like Africa, India, Morocco, and Turkey. Henry Cowell (1897 - 1965) was an American composer of symphonic and chamber music. He became the first American composer to visit Russia in 1928, where he studied ethnomusicology with Erich von Hornbostel in Berlin. This led him towards a strong interest in the study of ethnic music materials.

The collection is housed at New York Public Library which holds nearly 10 000 archival and manuscript collections comprising over 50 000 linear feet of material in various formats. They preserve historical information for the study of political, social, economic, and cultural history.

Archives and manuscripts are also exploited by the library and other institutions to exhibit, teach, and build educational tools.

The library has been the source of information for many scholars, writers, artists, filmmakers, family historians, and other advanced researchers. It is open to the general public on Monday at 10h00am until 18h00pm, on Tuesday and Wednesday at 13h00pm until 17h00pm, from Thursday to Saturday at 10h00am until 18h00pm and 13h00 to 17h00pm on Sundays

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