Henock Mehari


Henock Mehari was born in 1978 into a very musical family in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and this influence led to his decision to become involved in music himself at an early age. In his youth, Henock participated in his church choir and later entered the renowned Yared Music School, where he studied music performance, piano, and the masinko, a traditional Ethiopian musical instrument. He graduated with high distinction in 2000.

After graduation, he continued to serve his church as a keyboard player, as well as performing in the choir. Henock pursued a professional career with various musical groups, including Afro Sound, Express, Zions and the Nile Voice bands. With these bands, he performed at most of the nightclubs in Addis Ababa, notably the Sheraton’s Gas Light, Safari, and The Lion’s Club. Henock operates his own digital studio, where he arranged and recorded his album, as well as those of other up and coming performers such as Tsedenia GebreMarkos.

Henock has high admiration and respect for fellow artists Tesfaye Gebre and Aster Aweke and cites their accomplishments as inspiration for his own. Henock is not only a wonderful singer, but a gifted songwriter and lyricist, as well.

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Henock Mehari
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