Harry Kimani


Born Harrison Mungai Kimani in 1982, Kimani is an-award winning Kenyan Musician and composer. He taught himself to play the guitar by watching his older brother. He has been playing for more than ten years.

Kimani's musical style has been described as Afro Soul and a blend of rumba and RnB. He sings in three languages--English, Kikuyu and Kiswahili and his lyrics address the issues of everyday life and society. A fine voice, an excellent guitarist and passionate composer, Kimani can be described as East Africa’s John Mayer. His soulful vocals and universal message of love and triumph have already shown an appeal to a greater audience beyond Kenya.

Harry Kimani has five albums to his name: 'African Woman'(2001) which is unreleased, 'Unborn' (2004), 'Tuishi Mi Nawe' (2007), 'Children of the Universe' (2008), and 'The Quest' which was released in 2009. He is currently working on his fifth studio album.

In 2012 he took a three-year musical break. He won the 2005 Kisima Award for Best Song of the year, and the 2005 Kisima Awards for Best Music Video of the year. He has performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Sarakasi Festival and the 2003 Festival Mundial, among other festivals. He featured in the award-winning African hip-hop documentary Hip-hop Colony.


KENairobi, Kenya


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